Should all the foreign members of the team be registered as “international economic operator”, or one is enough?

Foreign economic operators, in order to use the electronic procurement system, must register on-line as an economic operator. As an economic operator can be registered only one company. The offer may be presented by a group of economic operators in which one of them shall represent the others during the procedure. The offer must specify the part of service, work or supply that each member of the group will perform. Before submitting the offer, the group must be formally established with a notarized agreement. Also needed is an authorization of the represented company to submit a tender. (reference, title II, STD (standard tender documents)“Instructions for economic operators”, selection 1, paragraph 1.4)


Should academic members who are not registered as professionals send a document attesting their affiliation, or writing their position is enough?

All members of staff should present the documentation required according to the specifications set in STD, “List of key personnel”, which should include diplomas,their CV’s, professional licenses (if they have such) and agreements of cooperation”.


The affiliation and/or professional registration is not requested for the installation artist: correct?

The affiliation and/or professional registration is not requested for the installation artist if there is not a license of this kind in the country of origin, if there is, is needed to submit. For more info please refer to STD, as follows:

 To certify the fulfillment of this condition, the economic operator must submit a list of key personnel, needed to implement the object of procurement. List of key personnel should include diplomas, their CV, professional licenses (when such) and cooperation agreements.


Submission for first phase is only via the website and no paper materials are requested: correct?

Yes, in the first phase, all documentation is provided through the electronic system.


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